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Eugène Sue was a nineteenth-century French novelist regarded, nowadays, as of the second tier -- or lower than that. But we think that theres a brilliance here, and that theres a reason he was most famous for his imaginative and dramatic commentaries on French life. His famous Arthur of 1838 represented the fashionable high life, while his 1843 Les Mystères de Paris (The Mysteries of Paris) showed the life of the poor in France so well that it was partly inspiration for Victor Hugos Les Misérables. This same theme is exhibited in a lesser known novel, A Cardinal Sin, an enchanting and lively tale of the powers of charity and love. This dynamic story follows the lives of two persevering young lovers growing up in the poverty of nineteenth-century France, and how the lives of those around them are affected by their intense devotion. When a tragedy occurs, and the couple finds themselves with a sudden windfall of money, the importance of loyalty as well as charity comes into play.

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